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Course Overview

Mobile Phone Repair Training in Kathmandu with Advanced Chip Level Repairing Techniques

Mobile Repair Training in Kathmandu  is the most relevant and necessary training in today’s world. As everyone carries mobile phones and trustful repairing is always an issue. In today’s world, it’s hard to find people without smartphones since it has been part of our life. With the pace of technology, there is a need for professionals who can address the issue. People always seek for a reliable place to find and solve the problem of new technology.

We provide the best mobile  phone repair training in Kathmandu. We provide training in major cities like Pokhara, Dhangadi, Butwal and other cities. We provide reliable services to fix the problem. Guru has professional teachers and equipment to train students. GURU pioneers in Smart Technology and Engineering with a ‘Skill Development Program’. We providing opportunities to learn via live project exposures and real-time working culture. Guru is always head in mobile phone repair training in Kathmandu.

We follow the standard operating procedures “SOPs”. The device is checked, diagnosed, evaluated for cost. After that, the required services are executed. Software problem troubleshooting, hardware repair are executed. After that, test the faulty set and finally time stamp to claim the warranty period. We infix the latest version device software, firmware, repairing components. The component is resistors, capacitors, and IC (Integrated Circuit) chips from trusty vendors. We follow an international practice through which students can practice their skills anywhere. The students from GURU can compete around the world without getting biased.

We welcome everyone willing to join our academic training chip level repairing program. There is no bound to those willing to study. There are no criteria to join our program. Yet, a small skill test is conducted and counseling is done. The test is taken to help the students reach their goals and strengthen their weaknesses. After that classes of different modules are undertaken followed by the tests. Finally, the student is allowed to work as “On the Job Training” practitioner in a service center. Students here could master their mobile repairing skills in the relevant domain.

 Mobile Chip level training in Kathmandu

Mobile phone Chip Level Training

We Break down our syllabus into four levels of mobile chip level Training. So that student feels easier in learning Mobile chip level training. They are explained below.

Service Level-I Mobile phone repair training

In this level of training, the student will replace all the internal and external parts. Students can fix problems related to mobile phones without any problem. Such as screen, battery, assemble, dissemble and identify the fault of different modules. This is the first level of mobile chip level training.

Service Level-II Mobile phone repair training

This is the second module of the mobile phone repairing course. In this module, a student will learn SMD components. Also, they learn to troubleshoot fault of electronics components also replace faulty components.

Service level -III Mobile phone repair training

After completing the II module of mobile repair training, students can join the III level. Students can learn basic software to advanced level software. Students learn to use different dongles and the latest tools of software flashing.

Service Level – IV Mobile phone repair training

This is the final module of the phone chip level course provides by GURU. In this module, students can learn the core chip level. They will also learn the schematic analysis of mobile phones. For this, they use different software and machines for mobile phone repairing. Students can replace BGA IC’s Touch IC’s and other BGA components.

Why choose Guru for Mobile Phone Repair Training ?

Guru Institute is a place where a competent technician is born. We have the latest devices and software’s to troubleshoot and repair all the devices. We have professional equipment and teachers. Teachers here are with years of experience. So, our students can learn to diagnose the fault in a systematic pattern and fix the problems. The reason why you must choose Guru for Mobile repairing training. The following points are the reason that one should choose the GURU.
  • Training in sophisticated devices and advanced handsets
  • 100% job oriented courses on smart hardware and networking
  • Molding each candidate to become a Techno Entrepreneur
  • Achieved 100% Placement record in 2017/2018
  • Building Technical manpower for nation-building
  • 25+ Care centers all over Nepal and 3 Branches
  • Scholarship for deserving candidates
  • Real-time hands-on practical learning
  • Career counseling and Guidance

What you’ll learn?

  • Servicing in Card Level L1: 30 Hrs.
  • Basic Electronics L2: 30 Hrs.
  • Circuit/Schematic Analysis L3: 30 Hrs.
  • BGA Rebelling L4: 30 Hrs.

Certification for Mobile Phone Repair Training



Upon the completion of training, Guru provides a letter of accomplishment for students. We provide placement for successful trainees.

Career Opportunities in Mobile Phone Repair Training

Every week new models of phones are launching and new mobile brands are rising up. Thus, there is no lack of workspace for ambitious mobile repair engineers. Smartphone repair engineers find lots of spaces to work after completing mobile repair training.

The triviality of this industry is also the result of increased internet and technology. Students will find more people being reliant on their phones as time passes by. It is all the information we need and our road to communication into this device. That is possible as well as practical to have mobile phone training in Kathmandu. If someone seeks to have a career with growth possible, then this is the right option for them. Some of the possible opportunities in Mobile Phone Repair training are pointed below: 

  • Freelance repair engineer
  • Service Support Engineer
  • Phone repair tech and consultant
  • Smartphone repair shop
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Start a repair shop of own
  • General service center
  • Tutor at any institute
  • Servicing store of the cellphone company

Other core Mobile phone repair training services areas

  • Deals with repairing of the branded mobile phones. Such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Series, MI, Micromax, MottoG, Oppo, Colors, LG, Nokia, Lenovo, etc.
  • Provide mobile software solutions. Such as the unlocking of mobile devices such as iPhone, Samsung Series, etc.
  • Experts in data recovery services of iPhone and other Android phones.
  • Provides Icloud solutions for apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac
  • Provides repairing technicians as pay on-demand basis.
  • Provide the best opportunity to gain real-time experience in troubleshooting and fixing mobile.
  • Guru has a mission to enhance the youth in skill development programs.
  • Students learning at Guru are capable of establishing their own mobile technology business. 100% of the students are working in service centers in different places.
  • Students can work under a globally competent mobile repairing market.
  • Practical means profitable
  • Industry expert Mobile training instructors
  • Practice mobile repairing labs using the best equipment.
  • 100% hands-on mobile phone repair training
  • Paid internship in our many guru care centers in Kathmandu and outside valley.
  • Repair circuits on the extra basis for the latest technology updates.
  • Share knowledge on reading schematics.

We also provide Advanced Chip level Laptop Repairing & Training Services in Kathmandu.

iPhone Repairing training in Kathmandu, Nepal

iPhone repairing training has been the demand of the market.  With the huge number of increasing users and the attraction of features possessed by it. The increasing customers of the iPhone in Nepal lead to repairing after facing trouble. The iPhone repairing training in Kathmandu is a booming IT training field in today’s world. As the iPhone has become portable and smarter day by day, it has been an integral part of our life. 

iPhone has been the means of communication, data sharing, and processing for today’s photo generation. When the iPhone gets damaged, it affects our daily life works. Guru provides iPhone repairing training in Kathmandu and repairing service with iPhone experts. Considering the importance and urgency to fix it, our service centers provide a reliable time frame to fix. We serve both iPhone repairing training in Kathmandu and iPhone repair service all over the country.

iPhone certification is the complete course for gaining experience and skills. We offer students the complete package. They learn everything about repairing and troubleshooting the problems occurring with the iPhone. It is one of the latest courses in the market of mobile and iPhone repairing training introduced by GURU. Also, we have been excellent in training and making an iPhone certified technician.

With us, students will get to learn how to use various iPhone repair tools. Besides troubleshoot circuits and network chips, type of voltage and current and electronic components identification. Students will be able to troubleshoot any iPhone model after taking the course.