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Course Overview

Mobile repairing training is the future of training courses for people trying to enter the Information Technology Industry. How? Let’s find out!

What is Mobile Repairing Training?

The mobile phone repairing training is primarily designed for fixing mobile phone problems. It has its own repairing process and system. Technical skills is required to solve these issues. The mobile technical error arises from mobile hardware and software. Software-related issues might include stuck-up at logo, frequent reboot, and software looping. A basic hardware issue arises from the Mobile batteries. display and other internal and external parts of a mobile. The Mobile Repairing course includes all major topics and guides.

Mobile Repair Training in Kathmandu
Mobile Repair Training in Kathmandu


Mobile Repair Training in Kathmandu

With diverse functionality and portability, mobile devices are taking over the tech industry. Budget-friendly and flexible over the services mobile devices offer might be the reason behind the popularity of mobile devices.  This popularity of mobile devices has provided a huge opportunity to small-scale engineers and mobile device repairers. One with mobile repairing skills can easily make a livelihood and earn good money working few hours.

Just in the last two months, Nepal imported mobile phones worth Rs.8 billion and the demand of mobile phones doesn’t seem to stop anytime sooner. Around 22.8 million people have access to the internet thanks to mobile devices. With so many mobile devices around us, it is obvious for them to malfunction sometimes. Hence timely repair and inspection of your mobile phones are important. With this the mobile repairing training  seems very important for mobile vendors, technicians and youths trying to enter the mobile repairing as their career. Guru institute exists to provide advanced repairing training to their students nationwide.

Categories of Mobile Repairing Training Course

Generally, two Subjects included in the mobile repairing training course one of them is Mobile hardware. Next is Mobile software. In Mobile phone software, problems arise from mobile operating systems like Android, IOS, and Java operating systems, etc. Mobile Hardware is issued from a system board called logic board.

Mobile Hardware Course

This course is designed for hardware repairing of mobile. Students who have basic skills in computer hardware are able to join this course. In this mobile hardware course, students will learn in-depth about every phone circuit how the circuit is designed, such as mobile charging circuits. We cover all the hardware topics in depth while mobile repairing course in Kathmandu. Our mobile hardware team explains all issues in the native language. We teach up to the micro-level for every phone hardware course in Kathmandu. Basic keypad phone hardware to advanced iPhone and Smartphones hardware in a smart way.

Mobile Software Course

The mobile software course is created to solve software-related issues including installation of software, troubleshooting the software issues, and fixing any issues related to mobile software.

Mobile Repairing Training at Guru

We are a mobile phone repairing training center based in Anamnagar, Kathmandu, and specialize in providing basic, intermediate, and advanced mobile repair training on the latest models of cell phones in the market. By enrolling in our mobile repairing training in Kathmandu, you will be able to troubleshoot hardware and software components problems. We aim at making employment opportunities for as many youths as possible by providing various types of mobile repairing training and helping them open their own business and be the master of their fate.

Guru strongly believes that “With the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, we can build a professional and sustainable manpower that the contribution for the betterment of the cellphone industry.” A full-time degree can be expensive and intimidating as it takes a lot of time and effort. To ease this, we have shortened the course and customized our mobile repairing training in such a way that it is understandable and affordable to everyone.

Our instructors are always on standby to create a calm and learning atmosphere for our clients. Our team of instructors sets clear and fair expectations for you and always stays patient to bring the best of your abilities.

We provide an informal mobile repair technician course and provide you with all the basic knowledge which will be enough to start your own mobile repairing business and get a good-paying job. Please don’t expect engineer-level jobs with a short duration training program as it requires a huge level of knowledge and patience.

Mobile technology, in general, is complicated and one can’t easily master every aspect of it. At GURU, we have designed courses in such a way that it will cover all the basic aspects and the most frequently seen malfunctions in mobile devices.

Guru Mobile Repairing Course is Divided into 2 Categories:

Basic mobile repairing course and advanced mobile repairing course. Basic course for who is totally unknown in the field of mobile phone. The next advanced level course is specially designed for those who have already taken the basic course

Basic Mobile Repairing Course

This is a basic fundamental course for mobile repairing. Zero-level and fresher students can take part of this course. Students will able to learn to assemble/disable, mobile phone touch display fitting. basic software issues can fix easily after taking this course.

Theoretical courses: maintenance basics, maintenance ideas, understanding basic circuit diagrams, common fault maintenance, system upgrade/repair, and a large number of mobile phones for practical exercises.The content of the Guru smartphone repairing course covers,

explain the working sequence of each part of all brand mobile phones, important signal analysis, vulnerable components (common problems), and maintenance procedures for common failures.

Advanced Mobile phone Repair Course

Especially this technical mobile repairing course is designed for those who have already basic knowledge of mobile.

The advanced curriculum is designed to gain high-level knowledge in the field. explain small components, small chips, glued chips, CPU soldering method, iPhone layering method, a large number of soldering motherboards are provided for free, and you can learn to move the board for two months! Provide screen repair courses! In this advanced course extra, practical practice is needed students are requested to a shit whole day for practice

Features of Guru Mobile Repair Training

  1. One-to-one tutoring for quality courses
  2. A detailed description of the all-module circuit principles of all brand mobile phones
  3. Provide a full set of tools for free, free learning materials, and real machine
  4. Working principle + repair process + repair board practice can repair types of mobile phones of Huawei iPhone, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Samsung after learning
  5. Maintenance ideas with extremely wide coverage and strong versatility
  6. Provide teaching starting from disassembly and assembly and electronic basics. step by step, with perfect procedures and learning methods, so that you can quickly become a master of maintenance.

The courses are detailed and disassembled to achieve excellent results in a very short time. Launch 3-7 days of customized courses, learn as you go, and re-learn for free.

Training Time and Place for mobile repair course in Kathmandu: Three-month 4 hours daily training, 1st floor of Guru Building Science and Technology Depart, Vocational Skills Training Center.

Syllabus for Mobile Repairing Training: Guru introduces a high-level mobile phone syllabus. which is fit for all mobile repairing courses. The advanced course content describes the accurate theory and 100% practical design by experts.

Mobile Repairing Training Fee: We determined the standard fee upon training time and quality of courses. Our fee is globally standard. Certified by the Government of Nepal.

How to Enroll?

  1. Registration with a deposit. Participants who sign up must first pay a deposit of Nrs. 500. to determine their study quota, and the remaining funds will be paid when they register. This registration method is reliable, and we will arrange the position in advance.
  2. Go to school without paying the deposit, go directly to the Guru Mobile repair Course class to learn. The period almost expires before November every year, and it is recommended to book a deposit in advance.

Consultation telephone: 9851209564

Apply today and get started on becoming a Mobile Phone Repair Expert!

Benefits of Mobile Repairing Training

  • Establish jobs.
  • Assist for regular mobile sales.
  • Increase sales and revenue.
  • Be technical repairing field.

Where to Learn a Mobile Repairing Training in Kathmandu?

There are lots of mobile repairing training places in Nepal. Selecting the best mobile repairing center is in itself a challenge. What makes a training center the best and trustworthy?

  • Establishment Year
  • Qualified Instructor
  • Practical Facilities.
  • Job Placement after Training
  • Feedback and Reviews
  • Online and Offline Reputation

The popularity of Online Mobile Repairing Training in Kathmandu

Getting a degree in a certain field used to be the biggest achievement in the past but People have started realizing that degrees may not necessarily determine one’s skill and knowledge. Employers are choosing skills over education as they realize skillful people doesn’t necessarily be a degree holder. In this generation, if you have certain technical or other skills you can definitely start your career in the respective field.

One of the best examples is the growing mobile phones industries and the scope of mobile repairing. This has created a scope for many people who may not be very educated to start their career as mobile repair technicians. The growth of the mobile phone industry is unprecedented which has generated vast scope for people to start their career in this field as most smartphones encounter problems easily and someone has to repair them. Now it is your time to be that someone.

mobile phone repair training

Why choose the Mobile Repairing Training as a Career?

It’s obvious that many people working in a repair shop do not hold a degree or have good educational qualifications but they are able to set up a shop to make a good living out of it. This is the best example of a skill that is more valued than education in this generation. You can easily earn a handsome salary repairing people’s mobile, laptops, TVs and you do not have to worry about a lack of jobs because it is guaranteed that electronic devices face problems and most people can’t afford to buy a new one.

More and more smartphones are bound to be manufactured in the future hence the future for mobile repairing technicians is as bright as it comes.

Trainees can obtain several advantages by participating in mobile repair training like:

  • Opportunity to become a qualified mobile technician which increases your personal growth
  • Modern companies choose Practical skills over theoretical so you are most likely to get a job
  • Enhancement of your creativity and utilizes your time properly while building a career out of it.

Advantages of Choosing Mobile Repairing as a Career

  1. No education needed

Not all people are blessed with education. Many people can’t afford to go to school or college, many people find it hard to deal with various courses so they drop out. Those people will find it very interesting that jobs like mobile repairing don’t necessarily need any graduation degree. You have to be interested and all you need is certain practical skills and you are good to go. It is in fact one of the best careers where you earn a decent salary than any other professional career which requires a master’s degree.

All you need is a little bit of knowledge about new technology and developments in the mobile industry. And once you develop the skills, you can effectively start your career for a better future. This is the field where Education is not the factor to measure the skills of a person. These professionals should have deep knowledge about phones, their parts, some technical terms and the mechanism in which certain phone functions, and things similar to these, which is not difficult once you get hold of it.

Once you repair one phone you gain confidence and your skills grow gradually and in no time you are able to repair phones with perfection.

  1. Easy to learn

Because it is a practical course, you will find it easy to learn once you see how the cells work. Practical courses are way more effective than theoretical courses. Sometimes you may not need to know the whole procedure but still can effectively repair everything from the hardware to the software of the phone easily like a professional.

People only need training for certain months before they are eligible to start their career in this field. Without adequate formal education, this is the best career option you can choose.

A lot of online courses are no available which will qualify you as a mobile phone technician.

  1. The training period is short

Mobile phone repair professionals require only a few months of training and do not need to spend a lot of time to establish their careers. Most of the courses last only for 3 months to 6 months. This is a very short time considering the scope it has in the real world. If you can be a professional on something in 6 months, then I would consider it a golden opportunity.

  1. Golden opportunity for gadget-savvy people

Many people really have a great passion for gadgets and spend searching about new technology every single day, imagine how they would perform if given proper formal training on repairing mobile phones! Such people keep themselves updated about new technology which makes them the best candidate for such technical jobs.

Many kids who love to disassemble and assemble their mobile phones from a very small age will find mobile phone repairing an interesting job to enhance their career.

Such people are so smooth with their work and it’s amazing to see them work on a cell phone with so much ease as if it was a piece of cake. Gadget-savvy people are bound for this type of work.

  1. Professional technicians gain a lot of respect and appreciation

Professional mobile technicians will undoubtedly gain so much respect in their community as engineers and people are likely to engage with them. This will motivate people to work harder and enjoy their work.

  1. It does not require a huge investment

Lastly, unlike most other careers or businesses, mobile phone repair does not require a large initial investment. People with very limited sources and budgets coming from middle-class families can easily afford to open their own repair shop easily. Their skills and knowledge will help them to earn decent money and they can extend their business in the near future accordingly.

A small place is enough to start your journey.


Why Mobile Repair Training in Kathmandu at GLabs?

Guru provides extensive specialization in professional mobile phone repair training. Experts at Guru are providing students the nectar of their years of experience in mobile repair. Students can handle all the mobile repairing problems while getting training on mobile at GLabs.

Here, we teach students with a very competitive syllabus. Students are focused to learn about the growing market in this field. Guru has every sound environment to learn about mobile repairing. We make students ready to compete globally. Guru is one of the best inclusive mobile repair training centers in Kathmandu, Nepal. Guru offers well-structured professional mobile training based upon the recruitment needs in the IT market.

How Our Mobile Phone Repair training center is different than others?

  • Mobile training at our center GLabs provides real-time hands-on works on industry live projects.
  • We make sure the theory is well understood showing a real-time demonstration. We here teach in practical ways where they are to be implemented in projects

Students at our training center could get the realization of the real-time project. Also, work handling is like the operations executed in industries. With our industry-oriented globally updated syllabus, students would not get any significant challenges after joining the mobile training students. We provide opportunities to deserving students in different companies.

The students also get the opportunity to show their project works as part of tech talks. Students from GURU are in different honored companies around here in Kathmandu and other different cities.

How students can benefit from Mobile Phone Repair Training at GLabs?

With the growth of development in the digital world, every people carries mobile phones. As a good mobile repair expert, it is crucial to have knowledge related to mobile phones. In this regard, the trends in adopting the challenges of mobile repairing are becoming very popular.

The trends seem to be growing day by day as mobile products are revolving quite flexible. This is too attracting the students to learn mobile repair training. This seems to be one of the promising and growing IT carrier market. Guru is facilitating mobile training with the use of a very competitive syllabus and technology.


The specialty of GLabs – Mobile phone repair training center in Kathmandu

Well-equipped lab at GURU is advantages for the students learning the course. The experts here in GURU helps students learning in a sound environment. Competitive course content in GURU makes students learn quickly.  The course content here makes students make adaptive in the market.

Future of Mobile Repair Training From GLabs – Guru Mobile Repair training center in Kathmandu

The future of Mobile Repair Training is one of the most promising fields in the IT industry. Guru Institute of Engineering & Technology is providing extensive services in this field. Apart from it, Guru specializes in mobile chip level training. Professional experts orient mobile repair training in the practical industry-based international syllabus.

Mobile Phone Repair training in Nepal is one of the most promising fields. Students at Guru are observed to get 100% placement in top mobile repair companies. Also, many students are abroad after gaining skills in our academics. Guru provides a rich level of mobile repair training in Kathmandu.

Mobile Chip Level training at GLabs – Mobile Phone Repair training in Kathmandu Nepal

Guru also provides mobile chip level training with a very competitive syllabus. With the specialized lab here in Guru, students can learn chip level training along with mobile phone repair training. The syllabus for this training is a breakdown in 4 levels. All these 4 levels are taught to students in very efficient ways. 

We also give this course in various cities of Nepal. Students in Guru get live practical knowledge. This course leads students into wide space for job opportunities.  Mobile repair training in Guru is one of the leading course among many courses. Students after getting chip level training can have 100% placements for sure. Also, they can compete in the global market, since the course standard is very relevant to the current time and situation.

Basic Mobile Servicing M1

Basic Mobile Servicing Syllabus
Course Duration: 45Hrs

Introduction To Mobile Communication
History of mobile communication
GSM (Global System For Mobile Communication)
GSM &CDMA – Different bands
Duplexing – Uplink & Down Link Frequencies.
3G Network – WCDMA & CDMA 2000 ,4g networkingMultiplexing methods (Cellular Communication)
SDMA – Space Division Multiple Access _Cell Concept
FDMA –Frequency Division Multiple Access – Channels
TDMA – Time Division Multiple Access (Time Sharing)
CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access – spread spectrum method
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cell ConceptNetworking (GSM CDMA & WCDMA)
Network Components – BTS, BSC, MSC, Link Towers – Repeaters
BTS – Base Transceiver Station, BSC – Base Station Controller
HLR ,VLR, EIR, SMSC, AUC, Voice Message Centre
Antenna – Low Power, High Power, Coverage, Repeater, Microwave Links
Power Variation in Antenna for Different Bands.
Auto Power Controlling In Mobile Phone According To Distance from BTS
Mobile initiated call – key of security – Diagram
Communication (link) between cellular network and other networks
Cell Broadcasting (CB), Cell Info DisplayIntroduction To Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone – IMEI Number
Manufacturing Companies And Mutual Understanding With Network Providers.
N/W Service Provider , N/W Technology Provider.
Transmitting Power Of Mobile Phone – GSM & CDMA
MS – Mobile Station – Mobile Phone + SIM
Securities Used In Mobile Phone For User [Security Code, Keypad Lock, Call Baring, Pattern lock],
Mobile phone pricing.SIM – Subscriber Identity Module 
SIM – block diagram
SIM Contents, SIM Capacity, IMSI, PIN , PUK, Multi SIM packages
Working Voltage and clock for SIM.Features Provided By N/W Provider 
SMS ,MMS, Voice Message, Call Barring, Call Diverting, Call Waiting ,Call Conferencing, Fixed Dialing ,CUG etc.
GPRS, EDGE, HSCSD, GPS Navigation Services, Television channels , Mobile Banking ,Tablet PC servicesDifferent Modes Of Operations & Battery
Watch Dog – Purpose
Need Of Current Measurement In Service Field.
Main battery and RTC back up battery.
Sensing Points In Battery [Temperature, Over Voltage Etc.) & Complaints
Original And Duplicated Battery Comparison And Complaint Due To Duplicate BatteryDifferent Types Chargers
Types of chargers- travel, USB, Ampere rating of chargers
Minimum Voltage For Charging ,New Battery Charging
Battery Low Indication, Battery boosting, Cut off Circuit Using In BatterySMT & SOC Systems – Revision
Current consumption , Temperature Handling , Soldering Details
MCP – (multichip packages) , Modules , BGA – Ball Grid Array, POP
Types Of BGA – Temperature Ratings
Multi Layer PCB’sIntegrated Circuits
DC to DC Converters , N/W IC’s, Microprocessor, Memory IC’s, sensors, Filters, MCP,MML
Bluetooth , Wi-Fi , FM IC’s, SIM, SIM EMIF (Glass IC-Diode Array, Resistor Array)
Pin Configuration of SMD IC’sBGA 
Types of BGA, Pin Configuration of BGA IC’s
Points Remember While Handling BGA
POP – Package On PackageHardware Of Mobile Phones
Simple block diagram of mobile phone
Detailed block diagram
SOC(System on chip) ,Embedded System
Power Supply Section, N/W Section ,Data Processing Section
Display Section, UI Section (User interface Section)
Audio Section- Mic speaker, ringer, vibrator
Other wireless sections
Sensors in mobile phone

Basic Electronics M2

Basic Electronics
Course Duration: 30Hrs

Introduction to Electronics
Application of Electronics
Concept of matter 
Atomic structure
Conductor, Semi- conductor, Insulator
Electric charge, Potential difference, Electric current, Electrical energy, Electrical power
Measuring units
Types of current
Direct current, Alternating current
Wave length, Cycle, Frequency, Amplitude
Voltage Sources 
AC &DC voltage source
Measuring instruments, Multimeter
Ohm’s Law –simple Calculations
Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power Relations
Voltage & Current Measurement (breadboard)
Electronic Components 
Passive &Active Components
SMT- advantages
Fixed –types, Specifications
Variable –types
Colour coding
TDR (Thermister) ,LDR ,VDR
SMT resistors and Parallel & Series resistors
Current ,voltage measurement
Capacitance, Capacitor value
Capacitive Reactance
Specifications of Capacitor
Parallel & Series -coupling, filtering, bypassing
Fixed –Ceramic Capacitor, Mica Capacitor
Polyester Capacitor, Paper Capacitor
Electrolytic Capacitor (Aluminium, Tantalum)
Variable – types
SMT capacitors -Applications in Laptop (tank capacitor, EMIF, Sensor)
Dummy capacitors
Components checking using multimeter
Inductance, Inductive reactance
Self inductance & mutual inductance
Inductor- types (application base only)
Comparison between Capacitors & Inductors
Transformers, Specification
Step up Transformers, step down Transformers, Tapped Transformers
AC, chokes. Filters
SMT inductor and applications
Checking using Multimeter
FiltersSemi Conductors
N-Type & P-Type Semi Conductors
P-N junction, Biasing
Semi conductor Diodes
Diode – working, Specification
Classification of Diodes
Zener diode Voltage Regulator
SMT diodes and applications
Checking using Multi meter
Checking using by component Tester
DC Voltage source 
Primary & secondary cell
Voltage & current rating of CellCombination of cell
Battery- Series, & Parallel
Back up time & Charging time
Battery boosting
Battery -PPT
Types Of Battery, NiMH – NiCd, Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, Poly ascene.
Li-Ion & Li-Polymer – Protection Circuit
Advantages and Disadvantages.
AC to DC converter 
Rectifiers & filters
Different types of Rectifiers (Half wave & Full wave)
NPN & PNP Transistor
Transistor as a switch
Transistor as Amplifier
Different types of amplifiers – AF,RF,IF
Voltage amplifiers(pre-amp) and Power amplifiers
Multistage amplifiers (Ex: PA)
Tuned amplifiers
Comparison – FET, JFET & MOSFET
Advantages &disadvantages
SMT transistor-introduction and application
Checking using Multi meterIntegrated circuit 
Classification of IC , Advantages of IC
IC package – (PPT)
SOC, Multi chip package
Components array
Digital electronics 
Introduction (comparison between analog & digital)
Logic gates 
Flip- Flop, Multiplexers, De multiplexers
Memory- Classification
Flash Memory, OTP

Diagram/Schematic analysis M3

Diagram/Schematic analysis M3
Course Duration: 30Hrs

Charging section(all models)
Components Used In charging Section, Charging indication, charging controlling
Temperature sensing, BSI
Energy management IC
USB charging
Power management section
Power saving mode in mobile phone.
Components Used In Power Section
Power distribution, Core Voltages
DC- DC converters(SMPS IC), regulators
Block diagram of UEM, RETU, AVILMA and others
Temperature, Over Voltage and Low – Voltage Cutoff For Battery.
BSI, B-Temp Circuit on Board , Sensing Point Complaints
current sensing resister
Pull up and pull down resistor
On-Off Section Working (different models such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson..))
Complaints Due To On-Off Circuit
RTC & Backup Battery
External Power Supply to Mobile Phone – Sensing Circuit
Tracing and Voltage checking
Complaints in charging and power sections
Block Diagram of Data Processing Section
CPU – Single engine, Dual engine
Different Processors –,Samsung, Sony , iphone, oppo
Single and Dual Operating Systems
Clock Signal For CPU – main crystal and RTC, CPU Speed
Core voltage supply
DSP – Digital Signal Processor , Block Diagram Of Digital Modulation
Memory section
RAM ,ROM,E2prom and Flash -common Complaints
MCP (multi chip packages) or MML (merged memory logic) or Combo memory.
Memory capacity checking from serial number
Internal mass Storage , Extended memory (Memory card section)
SIM section -SIM Related H/W Complaints , SIM Related Error Messages.Mobile Software’s
System Software (Operating System) – Types of operating systems
Dual engine operating systems (System OS + Application OS)
API (Application Peripheral Interfere) , Domestic OS (does not support API)
Data Exchange Software (PC suites)Mobile phone software upgrading
Service Software’s – Unlocking / Repairing
Flashing – different methods ,Flashing Boxes & Dongles,
Tracing and Voltage checking
Error Messages For H/W Complaints While Using Boxes
Network Section
Block Diagram explanation , Basic block diagram
RF Section and IF Section
Antenna , External Antenna, Antenna Switch (Tx / Rx),FEM
Pre-Amplifiers & RF Power Amplifier (TX)
LNA – RF Amplifiers ,RF Signal Processor
VCO,Supply To VCO
Crystal Oscillator , Frequency Synthesizer – working
Crystal ,Coil Filters ,Mutual Couplers(RF transformers)
Tracing and Voltage checking
Common Complaints
Audio Section
Explanation Of Audio Section In Different Models – Audio IC
MIC – Types, Crystal & Digital mic
Noise cancellation & multimedia mic
Speaker ,Ringer, Vibrator ,Audio amplifiers (ICs) ,Hands free – Types – WorkingDisplay Section
Liquid Crystal Display – LCD Drivers ,LCD Connectors
Organic Led (O Led) ,examples
Touchpad- types of touch pad(resistive, capacitive), Multy touch
Backlight driver circuit in different models
Back light brightness controlling (ambient light sensor)
Tracing and Voltage checking
Common complaintsKeypad Section 
Keypad, Backlight
Flip Keypad Activation
Joystick, Track ball, Touch Sensitive Keypad, optical touch pad
Camera Section
Camera –types ,camera working voltages
Resolution , digital &optical zooming
Camera flash light driver circuit
Hardware details
Tracing and Voltage checking
Common complaintsAdvanced Technologies In Mobile Communication 
Convergent technology – TV, Projector, internet, GPS ……
Blue Tooth ,Wi-Fi, DLNA, Wi-Max
Wi-Fi hot spot in mobile phone
GPS & Navigation on Mobile phone
Short range wireless sections in mobile phone -Hard ware details
FM , Wi-Fi, Blue tooth, GPS
IPhone , Blackberry
Dead set repairing procedure
Data backup and recovery method

IC Reballing M4

BGA reballing M4
Course Duration: 25Hrs

In this module, students will get an opportunity to get internship in different mobile service centre inside valley and outside valley.
Checking Cell phone Schematic through advanced tools and softwares
EMMC programming
iPad Icloud Erasing

Course Features

  • Mid Level
  • Yes

What you Get?

  • Well equipted lab
  • Highly experience instructor
  • Realtime project development
  • Internship in IT Industry
  • Job placement