Mobile Repair Services Kathmandu Nepal

We repair all brand mobiles including Iphone  and Android.

Mobile has become like the life of every person. Nepalese have low Per Capital Income showing that they don’t usually change their mobile phone frequently rather repair it and use it. There are more than 15 million laptop and mobile users in Kathmandu. So, one can imagine how large is the coverage for a practical mobile training center in Kathmandu. Therefore, with the emerging need of mobile training center, we Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology have entered Kathmandu where we give practical mobile training center in Kathmandu.

Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology is headed with one of the leading practical mobile training centers in Kathmandu located as Bhakti Thapa Sadak, New Baneshowar, Kathmandu 44600. From the help of experienced and professional mobile trainers in Kathmandu and provision of having lab-based facilities with advanced logistic for the practical mobile training center, students re facilitated with a practical mobile training center in Kathmandu in the real scenario. Our institute is renowned as one of the best institute for having a practical mobile training center in Kathmandu.

As the development of technology takes place gradually, there is a need for professionals who can address the issue of new technology in the mobile phone and solve them. So, identifying the gap where day-by-day new phone emerges, we aim to provide practical mobile training center in Kathmandu where students have flexible time to study with our professionals about mobile phones and have training about practical mobile training center in Kathmandu. Our practical mobile training is designed in such a way that students will understand the mobile phone and will help them add value.

With limited practical mobile training center in Kathmandu, we provide training to the students assuring that they have come to the best institute to have practical mobile training and enhance their knowledge. Our practical mobile training center provides training related to software updates, data recovery services, unlocking services and so on of all the latest mobile phones like Nokia, MI, Samsung, iPhone, Oppo and so on.

Moreover, there is a chance of getting an internship position in our organization after having practical mobile training from our institute. We motivate our students to give their best for the learning of practical mobile training as we promise to give our best too. Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology have been providing a better platform for the students for a practical mobile training centre in Kathmandu and catering lots of customers and students by giving excellent service and pushing them for getting better job opportunity for practical mobile trainers by taking training from our institute for a practical mobile training center in Kathmandu. We assure you that customer satisfaction is our main motto, so providing a better practical mobile training center in Kathmandu we aim to foster our student’s personal as well as professional growth in the market as well as building a career.



Mobile Phone Repair Training

Mobile phone Repair  training in Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology, kathmandu,Nepal
The mobile phone repair  training is a booming IT training field in today’s world as the smart phones have become easily portable and smarter day by day through the years of research and development in the field of micro electronics. As it can handle most of our daily lives day to day work, it has become an integral part of our life.

Nowadays there is hardly a single person who does not carry smart phone. Smart phone is the means of instant communication, instant data sharing and many more. When a phone gets damaged, it greatly affects our day to day life works. Guru Institute of Engineering and Technology provides mobile repairing and training services via its various services centers located at Kathmandu, Pokhara, Dhangadhi, Butwal and many other major places of the country in Nepal. Considering the importance and urgency to fix it, our services centers provide the reliable time line frame to fix and deliver the smart phone at customers location.

Guru institute of engineering and technology is a place where a competent technician is born. We have the latest devices and software’s to troubleshoot and repair all the devices existing today. We have professional equipment’s and teachers with years of experience through which we teach our students to diagnose the fault in a systematic pattern and precisely fix the problems.

We follow the standard operating procedures “SOPs” where the device is checked, diagnosed, evaluated for cost, and then required services are executed such as software problem troubleshooting, hardware repair, and then rigorously test the faulty set and finally time stamp to claim the warranty period. We infix the latest version device software’s, firmwares, repairing components such as resistor, capacitor, and IC (Integrated Circuit) chips from trusty vendors. We follow an international practice through which the technicians can practice their skills anywhere around the world without getting biased.

We welcome anyone who is willing to join our academic training chip level mobile repairing program. There are no any criteria to join our program, however a small proficiency test is conduced and counseling is done to help the students reach their goals and strengthen their weaknesses. After that classes of different modules are undertaken followed by the tests. Finally the student is given an opportunity to work as “On the Job Training” practitioner in a service center where he could master his mobile repairing skills in relevant domain.

Our attraction areas:
Certified Mac, Iphone, IPad, and, Android phone repairing technicians
We are have world class equipped electronic repairing ESD(electro static discharge) laboratory
Multiple service centers located at Kathmandu, Pokhara, Surkhet, and Dhangadhi.

We provide our core mobile services in the following areas.

  • We deal with repairing of the branded mobile phones such as Iphone, Samsung Galaxy Series, MI, Mircromax, MottoG, Oppo, Colors, LG, Nokia, Lenevo, Microsoft, etc.
  • We provide mobile software solutions such as unlocking of mobile devices such as Iphone, Samsung Series etc.
    We are expert in data recovery services of Iphone, and other android phones.
  • We provide ICloud solutions for apple devices such as IPhone, Ipad, Mac
  • We provide repairing technicians as pay on demand basis.

Guru institutes of Engineering and Technology provides the best opportunity to learn and gain real time experience in troubleshooting and fixing mobile issues. Guru has a mission to enhance the youth in skill development program for National development. Learning at Guru will help students to cater following carrier achievements:

  • Students learning at Guru are capable of establishing their own mobile technical business.
  • 100% of the students are qualified to work in service centers.
  • Students are qualified to work under globally competent mobile repairing market.
  • Practical means profitable
  • Industry expert Mobile training instructors
  • Practice mobile repairing labs using the best equipment’s.
  • 100% hands on mobile training
  • Paid internship in our multiple guru care centers in Kathmandu and outside valley.
  • Share knowledge on reading schematics and repair circuits on extra basis for latest technology updates.